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The Cinderella Project is a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged youth in their final year of high school reach the milestone of graduation despite adversity. The key to the program’s success is through hosting “Boutique Day”,  where students are pampered with a full grad makeover, photos, food, and mentorship. My role was to rearchitect the website using UX methodologies. I collaborated with another UX designer and 2 UI Designers.


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UX | IA | Branding | Web

UX | IA | Branding | Web


3 weeks


Web (Desktop, Mobile)


UX Designer: Bryan Leung (me)
UX Designer: Lucy Cameron
UI Designer: Elizabeth Anne
UI Designer: Khoa Nguyen


Redesign the existing website to provide better value for students and potential sponsors.

Design Tools / Methods Used:

Comparative Analysis, User Surveys, User Interviews, Experience Journey Map, Content Audit, User Scenarios, Sitemap, Storyboard, User Flows, User Personas, User Stories, Paper Wireframes, Sketch (mid-fidelity wireframes), InVision (prototype)






Paper wireframes, user flows, and information architecture were designed as part of the overall content strategy in order to cater the user experience for the primary audience (students). The original website was content heavy, with repeated information spread across various pages. Once a content audit was completed, content was revised and reduced significantly. The information architecture was built upon a revised Site Map and User Flow in order to ensure students gain value from using the website.



Logo creation, visual language, and content voice were designed as part of the rebrand strategy to cater the overall experience for the primary persona (students). Themes of graduation, hope and success were drawn upon when hashing out ideas. Together with the overall content strategy, a voice and tone that catered towards the primary persona was incorporated, while maintaining the communicative messages towards the secondary audience (sponsors/donors) that is heavily relied upon to ensure the success of the Cinderella Project program.


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